Challenging Times

Posted by Natalie Bird on

Well, these are certainly crazy times we are living in right now.

It is so sad to see the devastation with people getting sick, losing their jobs and being isolated from family and friends. It can be hard to stay positive, when it feels like the world around us is a blur of fear, doom and gloom.

These are the times we need to be creative in the way we communicate and keep in touch with each other.

On Friday night we had our first ever 'virtual' coffee with friends, via Zoom, an online chat facility. It really was fun to be able to chat face to face with our friends and really lifted our spirits.

 walking the dog with my family

While we are able to, we are trying to get some fresh air and sunshine. Here in Qld we are still able to take our dog out for a walk, and I'm sure he is loving all the extra walks! Practising our social distancing of course.

Today was such a lovely sunset, which is a reminder of everything which is still beautiful in the world, and how much we have to cherish and look forward to in the future.

Stay safe my friends! Natalie xx

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